Level Up: New Doctor

I have found a new OBGYN since my original consult.  I cannot say enough good things about my new doctor. With frustration from our old doctor and through God’s amazing ways our new insurance found us in a different network and it is working for the better.

I visited my new OBGYN in Shakopee to establish care and he actually listened to me! What a concept right? He said that with PCOS there is no reason I should have to wait for a year to pass and suggested I start on a medication called Clomid. He started me at the 50mg dosage for 5 days. I had a mid-cycle ultrasound and it showed one beautiful follicle, which could mean a potential egg.

Sadly that cycle we did not fall pregnant. I did another at 50mg this time without an ultrasound and no pregnancy. He upped my dosage to 100mg Clomid with ultrasound and no follicles shown.  Next round 150mg Clomid and I had TWO follicles! Excitement was short lived as my period arrived yet again. We did 150mg again with nothing. Finally we maxed out at 200mg which was promising for two cycles but when that failed he suggested I move on to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE).

We were referred to the Center for Reproductive Medicine. We had our initial consultation and $500 later were told that we were candidates for an IUI. It is costly at $1600 per cycle without additional monitoring and payment was due in ADVANCE but we feel is is our best shot at a kid. We will need to save money to accomplish this and it means more waiting but we are willing to do so.

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