The Month Off

We have nearly completed our month off. I say “off” and mean that last month was the first time in 11 cycles that I have not been medicated in one form or another with fertility meds. After our meeting with Dr. Campbell he explained that it would be best to add an HCG trigger shot to my remedy, something that my OB/GYN had suggested but was unable to prescribe. We went over the details  of medication for when the time came and met with one of their financial counselors. The costs must be paid in advance. Close to $1600 for a normal cycle meant that we needed to save and pay cash.

Setting a budget is not a new concept for Adam and I. We completed Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University shortly after marriage and took the class again this past fall. Dave has many good concepts but I am not a die hard, follow every rule person with is methods. We do set a budget and started our debt snowball tackling not one, not two, but three credit cards, and are working on paying of the loan from the business a few years back. The unfortunate crossroad of his program is that infertility treatments and debt reduction are not something we can do simultaneously. For Adam and we decided that trying to start our family was more important than becoming debt free.

In the three plus weeks that have been our “off” time we have been able to save up most of the needed funds and with next paycheck will make it to the pre-payment amount. It’s not easy to do, we place everything else on hold. Since it’s pre-Christmas this was a bit of a challenge but luckily i’m one to always look for good deals, buying used and and when necessary the master and finding promo codes for online purchases. When you set a goal and become determined it’s amazing what items you really can live without.

As I have just over a week remaining in my wait and off season I go to Philippians 4:6 many days. I have it taped to my mirror and pinned in my office: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” If there is one thing i’m good at it’s “presenting my requests to God”. I sometimes feel like a broken record when my prayer is the same each night. Some might see asking God for the same thing as a lack of faith or a sign that we do not believe God hears our prayers. Others see being not persistent in prayer as meaning we have given up to easily. In reality both perspectives can be true. For me though prayer is my communication highway to God. It keeps me focused and in realization that I am not in control. I am the child and He is the Father. That means that I have to listen, trust and wait…but it’s the waiting that’s the most difficult.

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