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Adam and I celebrated three years of marriage this past week. We decided to celebrate by going back to the place where it all began eight years ago. Adam and I met in choir. He was the tenor section leader in the Jubilate Choir at Concordia and I was section leader for the sopranos. Everyday before class we’d bump into one another as we retrieved our choir folders from their cubbies. First it was casual, just a hello how are you. Then we’d see each other at Holden Evening Prayer, Vespers, or 908 Wednesday night worship on campus. Adam played guitar in the 908 band and while I didn’t go to see him, it seemed I would always SEE him.


As the Concordia choirs geared for the Christmas concert we had an intense weekend off site for our annual “boot camp” in order to memorize and perfect the cantata music. Since Adam and I were both section leaders we wound up in break out session with our director to learn our parts to then teach the rest of our respective sections. When we sang side by side the connection of harmony brought tingles to my spine. I know it sounds corny and it could have just been the music alone but still there was something about him.


Well the story continues as we hung out, wound up in several of the same ministry classes, small group Bible Study and eventually he asked me out, the rest is history. That was eight years ago, and here we are back where it all began at Concordia.

We attended the Concordia Christmas Concert. It was strange to be on campus as several things have changed. We hit the favorite spots including the “tunnel”, some old classrooms, the choir room and chapel. It was a trip down memory lane for sure and a delightful evening for this time in our life.

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