Two Week Wait and a trip to Yankton

Fourteen days. Three hundred and thirty six hours, the longest period of time for anyone trying to conceive. The two week wait (TWW) is the time when there is literally nothing to do but wait. Unlike the first half of my cycle where I am kept busy with doctors appointments, ultrasounds, and pills that must be taken at the exact same time each day there is little distraction during the two week wait.

Luckily for us this two week wait falls over New Years and we had planned a trip to visit our good friends Brian and Amy in Yankton, SD. Immediately following our IUI, with the car pre-packed we headed for South Dakota. Adam drove the first leg of the trip from the Twin Cities to Albert Lea and from there I took over to drive to Worthington. We made a pit stop at my parents farm, grabbed a pop and continued on. We arrived in Yankton to familiar faces.

Brian and Amy are a big part of our lives and two of our closest friends. They both are in church work as Brian works as the Director of Christian Education at St. Johns Lutheran Church and Amy is a Lutheran classroom teacher. They are our prayer warriors and strong supporters and we just love them.


Over our three day stay with them we enjoyed carefree time reminiscing of college days, eating good food, baking, and played and some board games. One game that we brought with is called “The Man Game” is a hilarious game with challenges including paper football, toe putting, and shooting rubber bands at a target. Brian has serious ninja skills to swipe a stack of poker chips from elbow to hand in under five seconds.


While that accounts for three days of the fourteen I try to keep busy with work and my kids at church.

I resist the urge to take a home pregnancy test. It’s hard but I know no good comes from it. Either its negative because I tested to early or it’s negative because there is not pregnancy. Either way it’s not news I want. I tell myself there is a chance it could be positive but maintain self control. Indeed waiting is the hardest part.


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