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Adoption is challenging.  There are a lot of unknowns and typically a long waiting period.  I have done more research into adoption and how to be successful with it the past several weeks than I have anything else.  What I found is a successful adoption experience has two elements: an agency/facilitator and the waiting family’s own networking.  We have the agency or facilitator lined up, and now it’s time to start our networking.

I have a hard time with networking and marketing.  I am not naturally gifted in networking, mainly due to my introverted personality.  When looking at networking as a large part of adoption, it becomes daunting to me.  With our adoption I feel it best to do everything, through God’s power, to produce a rock solid marketing campaign for our adoption.  I will not stop until everyone we’ve ever met or will meet knows that we’re adopting.  We have to.  Here are some ideas we’ve brainstormed thus far:

  1. Networking cards.  These will be designed with three photos, one of us together and then one of each of us as “action” shots highlighting our interests.  They will include a QR barcode, website link, adoption agency phone number and five short bullet points about us.  These will be sent out to all family and friends that we know and asked to be passed along.
  2. Stellar adoption profile website.  This blog is only family and friend facing, the purpose of the adoption profile website would be to provide an expectant mother and her family a quick glance into our life.  It would be a very simple, one page website with a profile video, our letter, photographs and some testimonials from family and friends.
  3. This blog.  This blog will serve as a way to keep the “hype” going and the fact that we are adopting in the forefront of friend’s minds as they have conversations with others.

The good thing about this process is that I truly believe that God is leading it.  God is in charge.  He is performing the networking within me.  He is preparing me, molding me to be a better, more outspoken person.  He is opening my heart to the potential expectant mom that will come and join our family.  I pray that He continues to work change in me.

What ideas do you have? We are open to and welcome feedback.

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