Family doesn’t have to be biological.  In fact, some of the best family are close friends.  When you grow with people who share your interests, your struggles and join you in your highs, support you in your lows, they become your family.  Jesus Christ was born to the Virgin Mary.  He only had one biological mother.  However, He called on John as His father, John the Baptist as His cousin, Martha His aunt.

Kristi and I have many important families in our lives.  We both share many relationships. We are part of a family with members of our church, Adam family in his career and our Concordia University network.

Family is intended to lift each other up in faith.  Be there always and never threaten to leave.  Family doesn’t hold grudges, or go back on promises. A Family’s love is to be bound to that of Christ’s love for His Church.  Both Kristi and I have been blessed to have awesome families.  Kristi’s parents are one of our biggest supporters in prayer and action.  My mom has always been the most fantastic giver, even when there’s limited to give.  Kristi’s sisters are always there for us and are fun, awesome people if I may say so myself.  Kristi’s brother and his growing family support Kristi’s church events and drive to see us.  My sister has the biggest heart for children and I can’t wait for our child to meet her.

We both also have the best non-biological family that anyone could ask for.  The first thing out of several of our closest friends when we announced our adoption plan was: “What child stuff do you need?  I have a high chair, I have a bouncer, I have a ton of child safety items!”  We could not ask for anything, it was offered without question.  It reminded me of the Church of Acts, where Paul describes the community of believers and how they “shared everything they had.”  The best thing about this is that Paul says towards the end that “each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved.”

Paul’s point and I think our encouragement is that when we come together as a family, devoting ourselves to Scripture, sharing meals together, giving our excess money to those who need and sharing everything with each other; God works in peoples hearts and they get saved.

Family is one of the most important aspects of adoption.  We know full well that our adopted child will be very blessed when he or she joins our family.

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