Operation Assemble Nursery

Adam and I have been busy in work and life and it seems we are full throttle all the time. For me the church year has its high times and Easter is one of them. This past Saturday was our Easter Egg Hunt. Sunday morning was a 4am wake up to drive my sister and her friends to the airport before heading to Palm Sunday worship. As we launch into Holy Week it seems the stress and business of my vocation overshadow the journey to the cross.

Despite being busy Adam and I have found time at home to continue to work on our adoption process. We are finishing up our paper copy of our profile and been able to do a few things around the house to feel more ready.

One of the biggest accomplishments was the assembly of our crib and décor for the nursery. Adam and I searched craigslist to find a crib but after traveling to two different sellers we found them to be more damaged than described. One was in good condition but the bottom springs and wire grid were poking up. Another matched our expresso dresser but had a huge piece of wood missing from the side, something more than sanding and covering with a clear coat could fix. After the ring around we discussed and decided that a new crib would be best. Within our conversation we agreed that there are two things we want new: a crib and a car seat. Everything else can be second hand or hand-me-downs.

We found a reasonably priced crib and used a promo code to save additional cost. We saved more money by shipping for free to store and within a few days it arrived. We are grateful to our friends who allowed us to borrow their minivan to transport it as the Prius just didn’t cut it. Upon getting it home we opened the box and Adam got to work. I will say there is nothing more attractive than seeing my husband in full dad mode. He already has so much love for this child and watching his excitement in assembly filled my heart.

The assembly went rather smoothly and as such, I don’t have any epic stories about injuries or mis-reading directions but it was a pivotal moment for us. Seeing the crib assembled and empty makes this process all the more real. A crib is just a space for a baby to sleep but to us it is so much more. It’s a symbol of the journey thus far and how far we have come in working to start our little family.

With the crib as our centerpiece I searched to find a bedding set that was truly gender neutral. This was more challenging that I thought. Crib sets seemed “gender neutral” but leaned towards boy…or “gender neutral” but leaned towards girl. We finally settled on an ABC animal pattern with pastels of blue, yellow, coral, green, and pink.

I wanted to provide matching curtains to cover the closet doorway that is near the crib but the window curtains that were an additional order item to match the set were overpriced and the incorrect length. Adam and I brought the crib quilt to JoAnn Fabrics and found a cute pattern with matching pastels and baby animals. An hour or so at the sewing machine and I completed the nursery curtains.

We didn’t want or need a lot of flare for the nursery but Adam and I did find cute animals for the wall and a sign that says “read me a story, tuck me in tight, say a sweet prayer and kiss me goodnight”.  Adam hung them on the wall and with that we feel the nursery is for the most part complete. It’s simple, but it suits us.

We don’t know anything about this baby, but we already love him or her, we already have dreams and emotions for him or her. A waiting nursery, hearts ready to love, and excitement that we just can’t contain. This is just a tiny fraction of what God must feel when he sees His children enjoying Him, His creation, and walking in the fullness of life and freedom in Christ that He has created for them. To be able to be part of these moments of joy and know that we are in for the most challenging and rewarding adventure of our lives, and to know that God is right there in each moment, it just doesn’t get any better than that. These fleeting moments of life are really all that we have.

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