Assembly Required

Easter is a great time of year.  We often get together with family.  This year, we went to my mom’s new place in St Cloud and got to spend some time up there.  We got to help her start up a new business under Minnesota Cottage Law.  Bauer’s Baked Goods: Featuring homemade goodies from bars and cakes to candies, all made with a mom’s love.  You can like her Facebook page here.

We are also very grateful for Kristi’s parents who made a long trip up to spend Easter Sunday with us.  We got to have “rib ticklers” and enjoy friendly conversation.  Kristi and her mom went all around town shopping at every thrift store within a 50 mile radius.  When they got back, Kristi’s dad and I got to do something more manly.  Hopefully everyone knows by now that we are having the largest garage sale in Bloomington this May to support the high upfront cost of adoption.  If people don’t wish to buy anything, there will be a lemonade stand as well as a donation box.

Kristi was thinking we could just throw out a shoebox to accept donations, where I was thinking a little more creatively.  Our good friend has a hand-made cradle and we’re going to turn that into a donation box.  I went out to purchase some clear polycarbonate sheets.  The vision is to create a clear box insert that sits inside of the hand-made cradle.  The problem was, the polycarbonate sheets do not come pre-cut to the exact dimensions I need them to be.  We had to cut them specifically to fit the beautiful cradle.  This is what Kristi’s dad and I were up to:

Measure, Score, Bend and Snap!

As more elements come together we use them as stepping stones towards the ultimate goal of starting our family. Someday we will look back and see how each moment, each journal entry, building, fundraising, all the stress and work will be worth it.

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