Thank you!

We feel so incredibly blessed.  We started this journey to have children with infertility treatments.  We were gratefully able to cash flow the funds necessary each round.  But with adoption, it’s like the costs of infertility treatments times four all at once.  We don’t have enough capital to fund the entire process.  Through the advice of family and friends, we have come up with a unique way for people to help our cause: a Garage Sale.

Kristi’s grandma was graciously willing to borrow us her pickup.  This weekend we were able to haul several loads of donations from friends and friends of friends.  Promises of more loads came as we were overwhelmed with support.  I know it may seem like getting rid of old stuff for you, but for us it means the world!  Thank you all ever so much!

We have the pickup all throughout this month, so if you have loads piled up at home, we’d be happy to come pick them up.

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