It’s a Farm Life

We have been blessed with many things we can offer an adopted child.  Kristi and I are both musically gifted, I have knowledge and live in the ever-growing technology field.  Kristi is prepared with tons of kids crafts and activities. Not to mention the amount of love that will be poured into this child from ourselves and everyone around us.  God has fully prepared us for this step in our lives.  One of the unique things we have to offer an adopted child is a taste of the simple life on the farm.

Both Kristi and I have farming in our families.  We just got back from Kristi’s parents farmstead where we spent time riding on the Kubota, getting out in the field on a tractor pulling the digger and enjoying dinner with family.

DSC_0119Adam gives digging a try!

DSC_0052 Raven loves rides around the farm in the Kubota

There is something about wide open fields, fresh air and huge starry skies.  Kristi’s dad has an intimate relationship with God and sees His blessing every season.  We hope to teach our children the importance of trusting in God and showing them how His will is done in our lives and through farming.  A farmer has great reliance on God and His will to provide rain or sun when needed, or to even destroy with wind and hail.  Kristi’s parents also “farm” the wind from God through the power of wind turbines generating energy for surrounding cities.

417641_3474381259894_840062189_nSkyline is filled with these turbines

We can sometimes take advantage of the blessings that God has given us in the form of daily food.  When we run out of meat, we head to the magical place with an endless supply of meat called The Grocery Store and think nothing of it.  What we don’t realize is the large ecosystem supporting the meat that we buy.  Kristi’s parents plant corn and that corn isn’t the type of corn you buy at the grocery store, it is field corn which is then dried and brought to an elevator.  After that field corn has many different uses, one of which is to be mixed into feed silage for cows.  The cows grow and are sold to a butcher who then packages the meat and sells it to the grocery store.  The best part about all this is that God has orchestrated it through His people!

God has graciously provided us with the convenience of food, I pray that we never forget that and always love on farmers!

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