One Man’s Trash…

As many of you know today is the start of Bloomington’s spring Citywide Curb Cleanup weekends.  It is an opportunity for Bloomington residents to throw out items on their curb for the city to come pick up for free.  There are a lot of people who “scavenge” items from curbs to reuse and recycle.  Kristi and I will be one of those couples this year.  You can be great help!

If you are a Bloomington resident and you have items to place on your curb to be cleaned up, please ask yourself, “Would someone buy this?”.  If that answer is yes, then please consider a donation rather than throwing it out.  Kristi and I are doing everything we can to help defray the high costs associated with adoption.  One of those things is holding a huge rummage sale next month.  We will pick up any working, gently used item that could be sold.

We have come to learn through several donations that people are really happy to get rid of things they don’t want anymore, things they would consider trash.  We hope that the mantra holds true at this sale, that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Anything that does not sell on the rummage sale will be donated again to Holy Emmanuel’s annual rummage sale to support the ministry there.

Please share this around with your Bloomington friends and neighbors.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and have a blessed several weeks!  To God be the Glory, Forever!

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