The Zika Threat

When we first looked into adoption, it was a big move for us.  Especially for me.  I always dreamed of having our own biological child to love and care for.  God has taught me that I can love any child as my own.  As we started doing research, we discovered information about a mosquito virus called Zika.  At the time, the virus was in tropical regions like Brazil and they found that it had a major impact on fetuses.  The scariest part is that the virus shows no symptoms for a number of years.  The chance of birth defects are extremely high with a person infected by Zika.

We were not worried as we dove into domestic infant adoption.  To this point, the virus appeared to remain in tropical areas and outside of the 50 states.  Reports are flooding in from cases in Florida.  They are working on controlling it, but it appears to be spreading.  There are so many unknowns in adoption.  At first, my thought was to remove Florida as a potential state to adopt from.  But as I prayed more through it, God revealed His will to me.

God’s will is perfect and good.  We live in a linear timeline.  We can only see what happens in the moment.  There are certain things that we can predict will happen for our lives.  These are most often consequences for actions that violate our own moral code.  How I long to be able to see other things as God sees them.

God will take care of our birth mother and our child.  I have no fear of any complications that we cannot handle.  My wife and I have been through a failed business, minimum wage jobs, nannying and part time ministry.  We got through it all and it provided me with the experience needed for an amazing new career needed to support our future family.

No matter what happens to our family, God will be glorified.

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