Adoption is one big journey in faith. One of the most common question we are asked is if we’ve “heard any news”. I know it’s a question out of love but the reality of it is it’s hard to answer because we haven’t and won’t hear anything until the time comes. There is a period of time, which we are presently in, where it seems there is nothing…and that continues until one day…something… and then it moves quickly (or so we are told). A match with a birth mom can happen at any time. Sometimes that’s during pregnancy and sometimes it’s a fall in the lap situation. But in the meantime it’s a matter of waiting and trusting God and the capable people who are working on our behalf to make our family come together. The timeline of this varies, and there really is no master schedule since God’s timing does not neatly fit into that of our human planning or understanding. It’s an exercise in faith, patience and trusting God.

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