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Having a child is expensive, I’m sure many parents out there would attest to that.  One of the biggest humps to get through for adoption is cost.  We have been pretty open about cost here on the blog, but one of the things we left out is the fact that Kristi’s job doesn’t recognize adoption as a birth event.  As such, she will get no maternity leave.  We are firm believers in forming a bond with a baby right away.  It is even more crucial for adoptive parents as the baby hasn’t heard the adoptive mother’s voice throughout the pregnancy.  Kristi will likely need to take at least six weeks off work without pay.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post.  I have decided to start performing some PC Repair work on the side again.  All earnings from that will go directly into the adoption fund to help cover six weeks on a single income.  Below are a list of the services that I can provide and the cost associated with each service:

  • Virus Removal – $80
  • PC Tune-Up – $50
  • Hardware Repair – Laptop screen $70, other cosmetic hardware $50
  • Diagnostic Services – $50
  • Password Recovery (Windows) – $35
  • Data Recovery – $99 up to 500 GB, anything higher $10 per 100GB above (does not cover cost of replacement hard drive)
  • Data Transfer (New computer setup) – $50
  • Home Network Setup – $80
  • Recovery Operating System to new hard drive and transfer data – $125
  • Advice is always free!

I provide local or remote service.  Accept payment via cash, check or Paypal (fees apply for Paypal).

I want to be able to provide for my wife an opportunity to truly bond with our new baby once we are matched.  Thank you in advance for helping me make that possible!

Contact me here if you are in need of service.  Or reach out to me on Facebook.

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